Thursday, June 14, 2012


MOM, you are taking pictures of me again!!! :) I love it! Look at those fat legs and fingers ;) so adorable! Yes, he hasn't miss any dinners. And morning porridge, does he ever love it!

Sebastianin ja Tristanin ollessa paivaunilla me nautimme Elielin kanssa kauniista kesaisesta ilmasta! Poikaa oli mukava kuvata, kun oli just herannyt 4h paivaunilta :) hymy ei sammunut kasvoilta!  Onhan hanta muutenkin mukava kuvata, niin veikeita ilmeita, onnellisuutta, aitoa ja ihanaa <3.

While Sebastian and Tristan were sleeping, Eliel and me enjoyed the beautiful sunny day outside! It was so great to photographed him, because he just woke up from his 4hrs nap...! Of course I love to take pictures of him other times too, but this time it was even better <3.
He had piece of apple in his mouth and was so proud of it :)!
What a lazy day we had. Didn't do absolutely NOTHING :) sometimes this way. Ou ya, we went to the Jillian's piano lessons. That girl is learning so fast! Now she learned a song what she will play on sunday (Father's day here) to dad! Aaaand, I finally got my stroller's tires fixed!!!HUOH. I have had them back of my car for at least 4months! And this time I decided that we are not going home before they are fixed! JIHAA, now I have my double stroller back! I have missed it SO SO much! Can't wait till tomorrow morning, of this family go for a walk!
Two up front teeth hasn't still come thru...we are waiting......we are waiting....
Hahaa mom, I don't sit still too long because I know how to stand! Aww, he is my cutie pie <3 I just can't get enough of him! Especially in the evenings when we go to sleep. He gets the most energy then (like his mother!!!) Rolls back and forth and climbs and falls again (yes, he still sleeps between us. and guess what this is crazy! He doesn't even have a crip....kaak)
He kind of likes, but kind of hates grass. He eats everything else but not grass! Little vacuum. But if door is open, he is out in two seconds. Won't sit inside if there is the way to go outside. And I love it. Kids needs to be much as possible. As they are right now...jumping on the trampoline, Eliel with them!
This is fun baby stage! They are so curious about everything...and it doesn't take long, soon he is walking, running, biking.....but, he always will be my baby Eliel <3. Aww...mommy's heart is broken already right now,when I even think of it. When Jillian was a baby, we waited and waited and wanted her to learn new things fast!!!Everything was new! Now I know what's coming...and I don't want it to come, too fast. But the time will come and off he goes to explore the world again...and mommy is crying.

Love ya.

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