Tuesday, April 17, 2012

" If I had a million dollars... "

...Off to the passport office we went today! I am telling you, never experienced that fast government service! We sat there for 10minutes and our number came up. In 20minutes we were back in our car and ready to go back! Brampton Passport office RULES :)!

On my way there I was cruising the big highways....just to get there fast! Also stopped at Brian's workplace and brought them a fresh tim horton's coffee :)! I love highways....when its not a rush hour..you can go as fast as you can...(of course remembering the speed limits, what I always do!)...I absolutely love it! But guess what I love even more? The country roads.. when coming back we took the smaller roads...ahh..it was soooo beautiful. Sunshine, fresh green grass, hilly fields, gorgeous houses....I would love to live there! I can just imagine the moment at the balcany with morning coffee....seeing far....aah. so lovely! Yes, so the song came to my mind.. "if I had a million dollars..." ;) But I think you need more then a million if you would like to live there. Dreams......One day. One day it will happen. It will.

And boys just love to sit in the car and watch cars and traffic..of course the main thing what they have in their minds is " fire trucks " ... if they see at least one, they will be happy the rest of their day! How to keep kids happy? It's easy. I know the trick for our boys!

Back to the reality! Eliel's feeding time and then off to sauna! Tomorrow has an excitement in the air again...this time we will be heading south, to visit mamma-to be :)!!!!!



annak said...

Tulin puumerkkini jättämään :D Mää niin ikävöin niitä ihania country roadeja myös!! Me monesti sunnuntaisin lähettiin vain ajelemaan ja kattelemaan maisemia, ja niitä riitti noilla ihanilla mäkisillä ja mutkikkailla teillä. Sun tekstejä lukiessa mulle nousee matkakuume... Mukavaa kevättä sinne, toivottavasti kesällä nähdään!

Emilia said...

Ihana Anna kun tulit poikkeemaan ja puumerkkia jattamaan...jata vaan niin monesti kun haluat..! Kommentit antaa lisaa virtaa elamaan, seka blogin kirjoittamiseen :)!!!

Toivottavasti saan matkakuumeenne nousemaan niin korkealle etta liput kanadaan on kohta kadessa :)! Mut me nahdaan kesalla, suvareissa, jos niihin olette menossa!

Samoin mukavaa kevatta!