Saturday, March 31, 2012

My dearest daughter, Jillian

FINALLY, I will post some pictures! A couple of weeks ago we had Jillian's Birthday!Our oldest child turned 6!Crazy! I have already six years old child! How can I believe that? I guess I have to. Or I will see that it is true in our everyday life. She is just a joy, sweetheart, organizer, little mama, smily, brave,cute...there is millions and millions of names how I could describe her. Our boys can't have better big sister than she is. And they know that. That love what they show towards her every day is wordless, so its the love what they receive from her.She has a HUGE heart! Not only her parents and brothers are important, also friends, grandparents and family around, are really important to her.
I feel so blessed to have just a great humor owing daughter!Being so independent (or trying to be sometimes), she has the down moments...sometimes the tireness brings lots of tears, sometimes the life is not going to that direction what she has planned or thought, sometimes she just needs a hug to make things better. I think that is the best for the parents to see that their child is happy and enjoying the life.
She is the girl who says endlessly " I love you" to the people, and when she says it, she really means it. We love you Jillian so so so much! We wish you a very happy 6th year! Hope it is full of joy and laughs! Keep saying " I love you" because I love you even more. xoxo

So here I share some pictures of her special 6th Birthday! And everything started in the morning..Jillian went to sleep already at 8pm the night before. She just couldn't wait til her birthday! So me and Brian ran into a problem! How we are going to wake up before her (like 7am and its saturday morning???). ALARM. And "on" it went. So...quietly in the morning we made breakfast to her, woke up the boys, presents were ready and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY-song" was sang out loud in our house at 7.15am :)! Jillian was pretending, that she was sleeping still (that's funny, she has that age right now, that she is pretending, like one day this week they were playing in Brian's truck so she ran in and said" Mom, we are just pretending that we are firefighters and going to the call!")anyways, So I started couting "are you one, are you two..." and when I hit the six she yelled out loud STOOOP! And having a big grin in her face!

(Thank You my mom and dad for giving us just a great tradition. Birthday breakfast to the bed- is the best wake up. Our kids absolutely love it!!!!)

During her birthday week, we had a great weather! +20 every day! Wee got into summer mood big time and the birthday gift was like that too. NEW BIKE! And the bike has been used every day since, even it has been little colder and chilly. She was the most happiest bike owner!

After morning breakfast we went to have our friend's Surprise Birthday Brunch! Jillian was part of fun too, of course! The bride to be is the very important person for her and also having a special day, she was able to come join other ladies at the restaurant! After a great brunch we came back home with two extra girls in our ride to celebrate...Girls had so much fun playing inside and outside..running back and forth!Playing and laughing all day long...

It was time to blow the candles and eat the cake! A few more birthday visitors came for coffee. The Birthday song was sang out loud again and the little 6 years old girl was the most happiest person at the earth!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

baking baking baking...

Here I am, baking away! The bazaar is tomorrow, so have to do my portion...:) Now its the perfect time, kids are sleeping and husband is away (at the church!). Okei, and I am spending my precious baking time at the computer. Yes. Because I am waiting my bun dough to rise! Soon its ready, in 15minutes.

Tomorrow will be so so so much fun! Great to see "the bazaar people", the guests, the customers again! Hope to see some old and new faces tomorrow while I am greeting people at the doors! These bazaars are super hyper fun!!! I wish I could be "the guest" sometimes and look from the other side, how all of it looks like! I hope will feel the same? Or even better? The main thing is, that we are doing our best by organizing, baking, decorating etc. and, that we have good time :):):) so I think all of our dear guests will enjoy it too! And so it has happened, every time!!! Everybody is working really hard, doing as much as they can. I love this time of the year...and also I love the 2nd weekend of November (when we have our Christmas Bazaar) and I love many other times of the year too... :)

Sweet and short: WELCOME!

Bazaari on huomenna. Jo? Tah? Mita? Nyt jo? Askenhan meilla vasta oli joulubazaari.... aika menee lujaa kun on kivaa... ja sita on ollut viimeiset kuukaudet! Taalla viela aherretaan, taysilla. Leipoen, iloiten. Odottaen huomista. Vahan kivaa! Kaikki ketka on paaseet nakemaan edes pikkuriikkisen tata odotettua tapahtumaa, tietaa, tuntee, kokee miten huippua taa on :) Joo, nyt ma taas hehkutan, mut oikeesti naa bazaarit ovat eraita kohokohtia kevaalla seka loppu syksylla. Jospa joskus te KAIKKI paasisitte olemaan osallisena, joko tekijana tai vieraana :) Sydamellisesti tervetuloa! Ma lahen nyt pyorittamaan vehnasampyloita...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 pistetta ja ...

... ja ja ja. En taida saada papukaijan merkkia. en. viela olisi aikaa korjata asia. illan tavoitteena oli saada talo suhtkoht ok kuntoon. Siivosin Jillianin huoneen PERUSTEELLISESTI. Joka laatikko ja lokero! Matonkin viela vaihdoin. Siella se vetelee sikeita nyt kaikessa tyytyvaisyydessaan, reipas 6-vuotias :)! Mutta pyykit jai kylla lajittelematta...hmm. Miepa vakerran ne akkii tan mun yokyopeli Sebastianin kanssa, joka ei millaan haluu menna nukkuu jos en ma mee! Katsotaampa paljo menee aikaa. Alkaa NYT.

Today was a MAMMI-day :)

I have absolutely no clue what "mammi" is in english. I know what it is :). It is Easter treat in Finland. Almost everybody eat it. You even like it, or not!Take a spoon full or two to your plate and add some sugar + cream...namm. Taste good! It's made of rye malt, rye flour, syrup etc.
Anyways, we did mammi today for our spring bazaar. Now I know how to do it. Huh, takes allll daaay. No kidding. It takes all day. First you have to boil it, add some more rye flour and you bring it to boil....after you have done that 5times, you put mammi to the oven for like 4hours or so. I learned something new today again! But I won't be charge of mammi making next year (yet!) still have to learn more!

Myself I don't go crazy if I don't have it in Easter, but little spoon full taste good!

Laugh you there in Finland, You just go to the store, dig in to freezer and take ready made mammi from there! Life is sometimes way too easy :)!

Today, I will organize our house some how, so its not chaos here on Monday. It will be crazy weekend ahead again, but,
 so much fun!

?? Somebody knows what mammi is in english ??

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Winter (without the snow) came back! Last week we had great weather, +20-+30! We already got into summer mood...BUT, on sunday, the cold wind and chilly weather came back. I am not happy with it at all! I have to say, I am summer girl from my toe to head! Yes, I like snow, but only few days per winter. If I could choose, I would love to live somewhere where the temperature is +15 and up year around!

But, let's find something positive, we were able to clean our yard, ready for the summer, its actually more fun to look outside now when you can see nice clean, green grass, without the leaves...and my notebook is getting full with the notes what I have to clean and organize!Basically the whole house!Why not? I love to do it.
Now its good time to start, but hei, wait. Not yet, after this weekend. This weekend we have huge spring sale at our church and every single extra minute goes there! Will be fun weekend coming up, again. Hope you can join!

Eliel crying, he needs me NOW.

Good Night.


Now its starting! My new blog! I had some difficulties to upload more pictures for previous ones, so I decided to start new one and see how it goes :)

Yes, I will be posting in english and also in finnish! Thought that would be good to practise some my english writing skills also. So forgive me ahead of time of the many mistakes I will make :) I hope it gets better! And why not?

Ok, so let's get started here :)

Aloitetaanhan uus blogi kun entisessa tuli vahan ongelmia ladata valokuvia, ja mita hullua, kivahan on teha vahan paivytyksia ja uusia juttuja :)!