Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yes. It is hot. I just looked the temperature. Outside (shade) +33.8 and inside +28.9.
That's the perfect weather to relax. And not to do ANYTHING :). I love it. It's fun to be lazy sometimes. I wish it would be like this year around..!!!
We will have some fun tonight!!!We are having GIRL'S EVENING at our home tonight...and I am really excited! Can't wait to gather together with girls and eat well and laugh good and tell stories to each others + play some games! Will be super hyber fun! And Brian promised (or I told him) that you take the kids and go somewhere to have fun with them!

Also it breaks the week nicely...time goes faster and.....our Finland trip is waiting us around the corner! ONLY 6 MORE DAYS and OFF WE GO!

I better go to do some preparing...get table ready, make some salty and sweet treats for the evening and now its perfect timing, boys are napping!!!


UPDATE: outside +36.5, inside +29.9

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