Friday, May 4, 2012

*** Bell

Pienia onnen hetkia elamassa! Tannaan koin yhden. Istuessani 30min puhelimessa BELL-puhelin/internet operaattorin kanssa! Ja sain huippu diilin! TiTTiDii!
(Hei te suomalaiset! Te maksatte niin vahan puhelin ja nettiliittymista, etta alkaa edes virnuilko talle mun tekstille!).

Seuraavat 6kk puoleen hintaan Bellin nopein internetyhteys...tittidii! Nyt kun hinta on saatu alas, se ei sielta enaa nouse :) puolen vuoden paasta siis uudestaan soitto Bellille :) oon vaha mielissaan!

Little Happy Moments in my life! Today I had one...I talked on the phone with a dear BELL phone company for half an hour....AAAANNNDDD....Got a good deal! Jihaa!
I got the fastest internet service of Bell for next 6months for half price...tittidee..non happy me :)! Now when I have got the price down, I won't let it to go up anymore...:) I am sooo happy!

It is absolutely crazy how much these cost; phones and internets here! And I am not kidding, now we are paying less then half what we paid year ago (phones and internet!) It is always good to coplain and fight with them..they want to keep your happy. And they surely did that today.

....Good way to start the weekend!

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