Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aprillipaivan ilo! Joy of Foolish day

Aprillia! Aprillia!

Onko kukaan saanut sinua lankaan tanaan? Mua ei, tai ainakin oon uskonut kaikki mita mulle on selitetty ja kaikki kuulostaa todelliselta :) maa kylla huijasin yhen jutun, ja viela ainaki nayttaa etta taysilla mennaan siihen lankaan ;)!

Aprillipaivaa vietellaan kotona. Meilla on pienta mahatautia. Aivan ihanaa! Viime yona Brian oli suihkussa Seban kanssa ja ma pesin lakanapyykkia. Ompas herkkua! Onneks taa nayttaa olevan vaan kerralla kaikki - niminen oksennustauti. Joten ei hatia matia, taytyy valilla sairastaa jotta voidaan taas hehkuttaa terveytta!

Mutta ajattelin laittaa tahan pari valokuvaa Elielista. Naa kuvat ovat otettu viimeisen 2vk:n aikana. Ja kuten nakyy, pojalta ei hymy lopu! Hymyilevaa sunnuntaita sinne kaikille!

April 1st! What a joke day! So far I have believed everything, so let's see what have been jokes and what not! What ever, when I was smaller my dad used to trick us all the time! I remember going to my grandparents place (like every year) to get one egg. Plaah. And then coming back home seeing my dad laughing at the balcany...:):)

I will share few photos of our smily little man. These pictures have been taken in past two weeks, so as you can see, he doesn't stop smiling! So, keep smiling you too!

You can only get happier by looking these pictures, right?

Ei voi muuta kuin tulla iloiseksi kun kattoo naita kuvia?

Have a sunny sunday everybody!

Aurinkoista sunnuntaita!


Anonymous said...

aww cute Eliel!!

Emilia said...

He surely is a cutie...smiles all the time :)!!!

Anne said...

I just opened your blog for the first time, where do you find time to do this EMppu???? !!!! <3 Cute pictures, print the entries or save them for your "vanhuuden paiville! " ha ha

Emilia said...

Haha Anne! I have done this for looong time already. I started the new blog because I had troubles with old one (uploading pictures etc...) so I decided to start new blog!I am actually making little booklet of my old I have a great journal for us and for our kids!Kids will know how crazy mama they have had and what she has been thinking during those years...:)! But thanks for stopping by..I like comments :)!!!