Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jillian's Easter Greetings

I have to share this! Jillian came home from school with a great Easter sharing! She has done so well at school. Her writing is nice and clean and easy to read. And her stories are so funny! Mostly they tell about our everyday life. What happens at home or school or what special things she has done! And I think the whole school knows our family really well by Jillian :) all the stories what she tells there! So far all the feedback has been positive so I guess we are not that crazy. Hahaa.

Jillianin paasiaisterveisia! Taa likka on niin taitava niin koulussa kuin kotona. Touhuaa kun mikakin aina. Jos ei kasilla niin sitten suusta tulee tekstia ja ideoita ja kaiken maailman juttuja! Tosi ihana kaveri touhuilla. On aina super hauskaa! Tassa muutama paasiaisjuttu mita han teki tanaan koulussa. Nyt neljan paivan lomalle lomps ja suunnittelemaan mita tehtaisiin tana iltana. Brian on jo kotona ja paivallinen syoty...nyt on hyva suunnitella tulevaa :)!

Pst. Huomenna kerron yhden tosi kivan jutun :) ainakin mun mielesta! Joten pysyppas kuulolla! 

Also her art work is amazing. She surely is a talent girl in every way. Yesterday she took the boys diaper box and made it for house for her barbies. And dad brought here my wedding pictures and scrapbooking stuff from Finland. So she has been busy making her own scrapbook pages of our wedding pictures! I love to do that too, but I can't do before I have organized everything nicely so that I can mess them up again! Digital scrapbooking sounds very interesting too so I have to take a look at that and see does it take me with (I bet it will!)

Every week she gets new reading book home (sometimes twice per week) and there is every time couple new words there and they stick to her head right away. She can't wait to start reading  "big girls books"!. I have to tell her everyday to practise just a little bit more of reading before you can put your eyes into 150pages books.

One special thing what she does (for me!) is (she has done that every morning in this week!, she waked up around 6.30am and when Eliel is crying she runs to our room and takes him. Changes his diaper and puts daily clothes on. Also puts the water boiling and comes to wake me up saying " Mom, Eliel is ready for the day! Wake up", ou mine, whatta easy life I have (sometimes!)

I am so proud mom of her. She is doing great job at school and at home! She has already so many goals for her life. Short term and long term goals. I have written them down so will be fun to see how her mind changes and how many of her plans comes true! Right now she is sitting top of preezer and writing to her diary about what will happen during next four days at home when she is off...Sweet little girl. She is the best girl in the world.

Okei, Now is time to take off from the computer. Brian came home a little while ago. We have ate dinner already so let's see what we decide to do tonight!

Pst. I will have a great news to share tomorrow ;)! Talk to you then!

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