Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Emma

This weekend we went to see our kids little cousin, Emma! She was born couple of weeks ago. Just a little doll. 
So cute. So cute. 

Little Emma with her big brother, Alex :)

Proud uncle: 

Eliel absolutely LOVED to hold the baby! Gave her a kisses and hugs, many of them! 
He had a biggest smile in his face when he got the hold a baby!

And Jillian.
The diaper changer.
Did she ever loved to do it!
And put new clothes on her.

The moment. 

Okey. These guys had fun.
They had super fun playing upstairs and downstairs.
With cars and trucks.
Books and games.
That was the best!

And there is the cute family <3
Can't wait to see you guys again!
Was great to visit you!


-HEINIE- said...

Eliel on kyllä jo iso poika :) ihania kuvia <3

Emilia said...

Tuo jatka on jo sellainen pallopoika ettei mitaan jarkea! Rakastaa ruokaa!!!!Varsinkin omenoita ja kiivia (huom, tanaan soi 8 omenaa paivan aikana :)!!!)