Monday, January 28, 2013


We have a snow day :)! 
Kids have been playing together NICELY since 8 am and this little boy is following them everywhere and enjoying the EXTRA day to have siblings at home! Sometimes these days are too much, but today...SO FAR, loving it!!!!!

Whatta nice weekend we had! I truly enjoyed my quiet time at home yesterday, Brian went to the church with three oldest. Even though, I was home with Eliel, but he took 3hrs nap :)  loved it. loved it. Then later in the night we had a young couple over for a dinner and coffee :) aah, life is good!

Also had a superfun talk (facebook chat) with my friend to finland who is the most ideal, craziest, smiliest, funniest person in a world! Who knows, how to get my brain tracks going and planning and dreaming and so on. Thank You again dear Peppi Pitkatossu ;) !!!!!! You surely know who to make me live my life even more!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo am I ever lucky to own her as a friend!!!!!!!

Okey, Eliel is napping, cabbage casserole is ready to go to the oven and kitchen cabinets are waiting to be clean and organized!!!Guess where I am heading with my brain full of dreams and plans :):):):):):)

I hope everybody enjoys this beautiful winter day!!!

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