Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ooh, can't believe that its already Saturday. 
Actually, if I speak truth, my days are totally mixed up! It felt like Sunday today, but its SATURDAY. So much have happened and....I don't know, we just have been running around. Or I have. Should say. 
Now when the work started, have to find routine  again and use my time the right way...I guess it is all about time management ;) ooh, it will be good two weeks (hope!) 

What got my week mixed up was... 

Okei. Finally when I had two days off (wednesday and thursday) I spent those days thinking ONLY my tooth !!!!!SURPRISE! :(:(:(:(
and guess..this was what I ended up with...

I ENDED UP GOING TO THE EMERGENCY on Thursday evening! Tuesday evening my tooth started to bother me (again) and I thought that this will go past (and fast)...but by Thursday morning I couldn't think about nothing else then my tooth, so I went to the dentist. And guess how he called me when he saw me: "You look like a chipmunk". I surely did. There I got two different medications...thinking all will be good (btw, there was infection on the roots, so root canal is coming up next week, but first we have to get rid of infection) back to the story, Thursday evening I couldn't open my mouth anymore and got really scared (my dentist told me IF this happens, go to the hospital right away!) So off we went to the hospital. Me and Brian. And tittidii. I came home at 4am with a IV placed in my hand ---> back to the hospital on Friday morning for 10am to get antibiodic by IV. Didn't sleep that well, I am telling you. And that visit wasn't the funniest one. They sucked out all the puss from underneath my tooth. IT WASN'T FUN!!!Never want to do that again. Never. Something positive there was, that I didn't have to go back there anymore in the evening. Huoh. 

I don't have IV anymore :) 
I look like me again, not chipmunk.
I am fulfilled with drugs for next 7 days.

And couple of  fun things what my dentist said to me too...
"What could the week be without you, Emilia"
"And our next date is next week....." 
:) He is funny. I like him a lot!!!!
But its not fun to go to the dentist every week, right?

I am not blessed with good tooth. As you probably notice that already. So, just to let you know, go to the dentist right away if your tooth is hurting you. Take good care of them, brush and flush.

Anyways. That's enough of that topic. 
Let's talk about something fun what happened this week!!!!!!

Here is Eliel. 
As you can see, his forehead has red marks. Why? 
He likes to be outside and likes the stairs. 
Because he doesn't remember to go feet down always, sometimes goes head down. 
And that what happens. Busy boy. Oh mine.

This little, or I could say big man is ready to go to the school. On Wednesday we went to the back to school shopping with kids. They managed really well ( or I did with them???) We went to the mall, Mc Donald's and Walmart and got ALL SHOPPING DONE! YIKES! Can't believe!
 Two of my four kids are going to the school next week...iiks. Where the time has gone? But he is excited, very excited! I don't have to be nervous about him going to the school at all. 
And I can't waaaait to hear all the stories what happens at school. Now we will hear even more stories. REALLY EXCITING!!!!

We still have summer here. +30 every day. No beach anymore. But kids have been swimming at our neighbours pool everyday. And driving the bikes and jumping on the trampoline......basically, being outside at least 10hours per day. Loving it. I don't want that winter comes. please....don't come. But fall is exciting times...all the fun colours in the nature...aahhh....that I can't wait to see again. Our little maple forest beside our house is gorgeous in the fall <3. Ooh, that reminded me of this song..this is one of the most beautiful song what I have ever heard. And every time I hear it, I love Canada even more <3. 

"There are many flags now waving, over land and over sea, And though shot and shell are flying Canada I think of thee. It's the land I'd do or die for and my heart is there always, So when I get back home once more, 'tis there I'll end my days 

I love you Canada for you mean so much to me. I love your hills and valleys and your stately Maple tree, I love all your dear people tho' far away I roam, When I hear them speak of Canada, I long for Homer Sweet Home. 

When it comes to flowers and sunshine, Canada I think of you, And my pals here in the trenches, they are heroes staunch and true. Every Soldier in our army they have surely stood the test, And to them I talk of Canada the land I love the best.

I love you Canada for you mean so much to me. I love your hills and valleys and your stately Maple tree, I love all your dear people tho' far away I roam, When I hear them speak of Canada, I long for Homer Sweet Home."

Isn't it beautiful song or what??????????

Can't forget to tell you that this little man walks every day more and more! And believe or not, but he mostly likes to walk outside! Isn't that unusual?? But that what he does!!! Mostly he has taken 6steps...but it won't be long time anymore when he is running!!!!!!!!!!Hmm, that will be fun!

There is the fun couple who moved close to us. Aah, do we ever enjoy their time...always fun. Yes, always relaxing time. Last night we had a pizza party together...We made home made pizzas!!!!They were delicious. SOO SOOO GOOD!!!!Thanks for you company..let's do that again. 

Pst. look who is sleeping at the Nick's lap...yes, that's our little Eliel, who is building up the energy level :)!

And the yummy food....hjurps....

Monday afternoon, after my workday, we drove to the Ikea. Did some furniture shopping. Was time already. Have been waiting for this day little too long. But I knew it will come. Yes, we bought lots of stuff, but still there is TONS of things what I want to get to our house. Next time. Yes, next time. And it will come, right?

Jillian got new school table with a chair. She is really excited about it! Now she has OWN TABLE where to do crafts ( she loves !!!), write and colour and do her school work. 
Also all the kids got new bedding to their beds...they got to choose them :) it was fun to watch kids there. They got so excited about all the fun kids furniture what they had...Seba was in his glory :) he truly enjoyed his time there...the little tables, chairs, beds....

This is what makes the mom happy...:

We finally got CLOSETS for boys clothing!!!!
We bought those Pax-closet combinations...Now their clothes will be neatly folded and everything have a place. This makes me cry...I love it, absolutely love it. Now all the three boys sleeps in the same room , have their clothes there and toys and. Yes. Getting there. Slowly and surely. We still needs to buy doors. Didn't know what colour I want, so next time will get them. They will be brown, white or green. I think the brown will be the colour we will go. Let's see.


He is now 3 years old little munchkin.

Last saturday at 7am we went to wake him up with a breakfast.....

He was so happy! He didn't want to open his eyes when he heard us singing. Then he saw all the goodies on the plate and the new bike what he got....he brighten up right away :D little cutie!

This bike has been his life this week.
He calles it "fire bike",

It's red, orange, yellow and black.
What else it could be?

This evening we had a birthday party for him. Because I spent the day at work, Brian did all the preps for it. Now on, he will do every single one. That went little too good :)!

Sebastian was little shy as he always is when he gets attention.

" These candies are mine and I don't really care about the rest" 

Spider Man, Legos, Thomas the train - is HOT in our household. (+ fire trucks).

Look at that face of the Birthday boy...he is super cute!!!!

Now he is three. New year ahead. Last year at home, at porridge school. Ah, this little boy brings so much joy to the life. He is one of the special gifts what we have got.

Love you so much, Sebastian.

I hope you never grow big, ok?

We still have little piece of the cake left. Want to have some?


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