Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time flies, it surely flies!

Tristan had his first school day today! He was smile boy the whole morning <3.
Just couldn't do anything else. And the backpack was heavier and bigger then the school boy! But he did it, he surely did it! And mom is so proud!And so is dad!

He said the best thing of the day was that he made 5 new friends. But can't remember their names, because they are in english ;) cute. And tomorrow he will play with them again!
Also he got the same teacher what Jillian had. I am so happy about that. She is awesome!

There they are walking together, every school morning now on..two of them, with a backpack, ready to learn new things, play with friends and do fun things!
How exciting is that!!!

The best thing is that there is own sister in the same school. Who is giving support even she is in different class. But just knowing, she is there, all is good.

Mom was thinking of you Tristan the whole day. Looking at the time and thinking, I wonder what my little Tristan is doing now? Has everything gone will? Is he speaking english? Does he have enough time to eat his lunch? ... I was so nervous the whole day! BUT, when I saw the school bus coming back from school, I saw two smile kids coming out and running to me. Stories after stories <3 I loved it.  Then I know everything went well.
And hearing:
I want to go to the school tomorrow again!

Even dad stayed at home. It was so special for Tristan and Jillian. When Jillian had her first day of school, Brian were in Finland. Too far to be in the bus stop with us. But this time, he made it. Yeah!

"Mom and dad, I did some painting at school. I painted my own hand! And the next thing what I will learn is to write my own name <3"
Good start Tristan! 
You will do well!
We are so proud of you!


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