Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Wedding

Congratulations Laas and Kate! What a beautiful couple you were (as you always are)! Here is just couple shot from the wedding.... :)

Also, as you might have seen, I haven't been busy posting new posts here lately. Everything is good here, I just havent had time to sit and write! BUT, I will do it tonight..I have SO many pictures to share and things to write.....Eliel's Birthday, our home life, kids school news, Seba's new things ........and so on! So many other fun stuff!

BUT, right now you will see pictures of our fun day yesterday!

some poses :)!

Walking to the War Memorial Hall where the ceremony were.

Beautiful building!

All the decorations were so natural...totally Kate's taste!!!
Loved it!

And...the bride was beautiful!!!



Wedding reception

Ah, everything looked amazing there!

Kids got new friends, Estonian kids :) they had fun talking finnish and estonian to each other and then translating it to english. The languages are so similar but still its hard to understand each others :) But yes, they had good time!

And the cake !!!

Wedding was great. So relaxed and lots of laugh! Just like how Kate and Laas are. They are wonderful couple and we are so happy that we were able to be part of their big day <3!

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Anonymous said...

laitan sun blogin mustalle listalle kerta et koskaan kirjota :D joka kerta vaan pettyy ku kay taalla.
..alan epailla sun elaman olevan tylsaa ;)