Saturday, February 9, 2013

EHL=Eliel's Hard Life

I thought that Thursday night when he fall and passed out and had a 5minutes seizure -moment was a scary enough. We even had an ambulance here. Other kids were pumped, to see all the lights and sirens on :) they thought it was sooo cool! hmm. I didn't. But good thing was, that we didn't have to go to the hospital. It's his temper. He just does it til he learns to talk and say out load his expressions. Our other kids have been like that too, except Seba. He has a different temper :). That wasn't the first time for him. BUT, hopefully the last one.
Anyways. That was quite a experience again.
But then Friday night he got a 39 fever. Oh mine. And no fever medication in the house....what ever...can't go anywhere, because Jillian is tight of breathing and there is crazy snowstorm (by the way, we got over 40cm of snow!!!), and I absolutely don't feel start digging my car under the snow and go to the slippery roads with all of our kids (Brian wasn't home). . . I decided to S.T.A.Y A.T H.O.M.E. and so we did. We gathered at the boys room; Eliel reading a (great!!!) Nora Robert's book with me, Jillian "studying" some spelling (because Friday was a snow day and she needs to learn new things everyday, right?) and boys playing with there small cars on a car mat. Wonderful. Perfect. Great way to spend a evening! We all liked it!

Saturday morning came, everything looked ok til noon.. Then it happened (this scenery has happened million times) but this time there was bad luck! Poor Eliel tried to stand up under a kitchen table.. Hit his head on a bench and his SHARP tooth went thru his lip and there was a really deep cut on his bottom lip! Oh, mom's heart were pumping million miles per hour. What should I do now? Just to let you know ones again, We are SUPER LUCKY to have the best neighbours ever, I called them and the neighbour man to came check his lip and said " You better go to the hospital to get some stitches." Also he was SOOOO KIIINNNNDDDD to take other kids to their place and off to the hospital Eliel and me went.

Luckily after an half an hour the bleeding stopped but he didn't stop eating his lip. Yak, I hated it. So I had to keep my finger in his mouth so he doesn't bite his lips and make it to bleeding again.

There he is <3 poor little man. After five hours waiting to see the was hard to try keep him in the room because he absolutely loved to go check out the nurse station! (pst. look at his fat lip <3)

Finally he fall asleep in my lap. Soon after that the doctor came and told us to get ready for operation.

Aww, and here he is after a operation. Good to go back home! He was so brave!I am so proud of my little man! So home we go after 6 hrs in the hospital and 3 stitches later.

Ops! Just before bed time I did something really bad (hopefully in the end it was good mistake!) I broke Eliel's LAST bottle! Yikes. Let's see how the night is gonna go! I have already changed his diaper ones (I bought one size too small diapers for him, so its overloading fast!) and sang him few songs and rock him.... Huoh. This is NOT Eliel's weekend. But let's put our hopes up high. There is still Sunday :)!

But the weather was gorgeous today and kids had a blast outside building forts and enjoying beautiful sunshine in -10 weather <3 wishing that tomorrow is the same!

And SUNDAY came :)!
He didn't wake up not even once and now he is smily little man with a big lip :)!

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