Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Now its starting! My new blog! I had some difficulties to upload more pictures for previous ones, so I decided to start new one and see how it goes :)

Yes, I will be posting in english and also in finnish! Thought that would be good to practise some my english writing skills also. So forgive me ahead of time of the many mistakes I will make :) I hope it gets better! And why not?

Ok, so let's get started here :)

Aloitetaanhan uus blogi kun entisessa tuli vahan ongelmia ladata valokuvia, ja mita hullua, kivahan on teha vahan paivytyksia ja uusia juttuja :)!


Anonymous said...

thanks, now i can understand it too!- Evi:)

Emilia said...

Ooh, you are welcome Evi :)