Friday, February 1, 2013

The 30th of January.

It was the day I got my Canadian Citizen.
What a day it was.
The whole day was great!!!
My dear family was big part of it!
As they are, always <3.

So, on our way to the Ceremony, Jillian yelled from the back seat:
"My tooth fell out!"
Believe or not.
It did :)!
We left early so we could be there early.
I hate to be late.
I like to be on time.
Or too early.
Actually being too early is the get to watch the people, enjoy life,  look around and LIVE!!!!
Of course kids gets busy while waiting.... 
....The gum pack is actually a good idea.
It keeps them busy for few minutes :)
So finally we got into the Ceremony room.
There were 88 people who got Citizenships.
From 46 different countries.
Can you say that Canada is the land of the immigrants?
That place hasCitizen Ceremonies every day. Actually twice per day.
+ all the other places in Canada.
Canada is made by immigrants.
And I am part of that.

Here everybody is sitting nicely.
And just to let you know.
No more pictures of the ceremony. Why?
Brian had to leave with Eliel who made too much noise. How you can tell 16months old to be quiet, who just gets more excited more you ask him to do that :) hah.
We said the Oath of Citizen and sang O Canada.

Are you ready for this letter.
does it ever sound good :)?
That's what WE ALL CANADIANS ARE :)!
the Ceremony was over and Brian was able to come back inside with Eliel.
WE TRIED. WE TRIED. to get couple of pictures of kids and me.
Didn't work out that well!
The flag is on the way, kids are looking all over the place or Eliel pulls Tristan's hair and made him cry.

Then I laughed.
No more.
That's it.
The judge and me.
Absolutely incredible women! She told her story to us.
She is also an immigrant. What a wonderful life she have had.
And all what she wanted us to remember was:
1. To be proud of being canadian.
2. Make miracles every day.
After a great Ceremony we went to eat out!
Tried the Lone Star, first time!
It is a Texas Grill Restaurant.
 The food was amazing! It was soo delicious!
And kids had fun, but there was ONE MINUS.
they were little too slow.
Too slow for the customers with kids.
Even though kids were able to see and do many things there. 
Next time I would go there just with Brian or with friends.
Look at that steak.
They also gave kids a dough to play with.
This little man is little too much.
I could eat him.
He is so special.
...So funny.
...So noise.
...So loved.
By all of us.
And he loves us all.
You can tell!!!
He loves to get all the attention!!!
And he gets it!!!!
And again.

We haven't shop at the mall as a family for LOOONG TIME!
That evening we did.
(Now I smile) it was fun, again!
(Sounds like I am writing word FUN all the time?)

Kids got to do just a special thing!
They were able to skateboard in a store!!!
And how often you are able to do that?
The sales associates asked us "is it ok for you that they skateboard?" 
I said" as long as its fine for you its fine for me".

And other thing...(what I could capture with camera) we went to Toys r Us and while I was checking all the new things what they have on a market for newborns I heard lots of noise!
There I saw three kids riding a bike as fast as they can towards me and Brian behind them laughing.
oh boy oh boy.
it was a great day :)!

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