Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today was a MAMMI-day :)

I have absolutely no clue what "mammi" is in english. I know what it is :). It is Easter treat in Finland. Almost everybody eat it. You even like it, or not!Take a spoon full or two to your plate and add some sugar + cream...namm. Taste good! It's made of rye malt, rye flour, syrup etc.
Anyways, we did mammi today for our spring bazaar. Now I know how to do it. Huh, takes allll daaay. No kidding. It takes all day. First you have to boil it, add some more rye flour and you bring it to boil....after you have done that 5times, you put mammi to the oven for like 4hours or so. I learned something new today again! But I won't be charge of mammi making next year (yet!) still have to learn more!

Myself I don't go crazy if I don't have it in Easter, but little spoon full taste good!

Laugh you there in Finland, You just go to the store, dig in to freezer and take ready made mammi from there! Life is sometimes way too easy :)!

Today, I will organize our house some how, so its not chaos here on Monday. It will be crazy weekend ahead again, but,
 so much fun!

?? Somebody knows what mammi is in english ??

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