Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Winter (without the snow) came back! Last week we had great weather, +20-+30! We already got into summer mood...BUT, on sunday, the cold wind and chilly weather came back. I am not happy with it at all! I have to say, I am summer girl from my toe to head! Yes, I like snow, but only few days per winter. If I could choose, I would love to live somewhere where the temperature is +15 and up year around!

But, let's find something positive, we were able to clean our yard, ready for the summer, its actually more fun to look outside now when you can see nice clean, green grass, without the leaves...and my notebook is getting full with the notes what I have to clean and organize!Basically the whole house!Why not? I love to do it.
Now its good time to start, but hei, wait. Not yet, after this weekend. This weekend we have huge spring sale at our church and every single extra minute goes there! Will be fun weekend coming up, again. Hope you can join!

Eliel crying, he needs me NOW.

Good Night.

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