Thursday, March 29, 2012

baking baking baking...

Here I am, baking away! The bazaar is tomorrow, so have to do my portion...:) Now its the perfect time, kids are sleeping and husband is away (at the church!). Okei, and I am spending my precious baking time at the computer. Yes. Because I am waiting my bun dough to rise! Soon its ready, in 15minutes.

Tomorrow will be so so so much fun! Great to see "the bazaar people", the guests, the customers again! Hope to see some old and new faces tomorrow while I am greeting people at the doors! These bazaars are super hyper fun!!! I wish I could be "the guest" sometimes and look from the other side, how all of it looks like! I hope will feel the same? Or even better? The main thing is, that we are doing our best by organizing, baking, decorating etc. and, that we have good time :):):) so I think all of our dear guests will enjoy it too! And so it has happened, every time!!! Everybody is working really hard, doing as much as they can. I love this time of the year...and also I love the 2nd weekend of November (when we have our Christmas Bazaar) and I love many other times of the year too... :)

Sweet and short: WELCOME!

Bazaari on huomenna. Jo? Tah? Mita? Nyt jo? Askenhan meilla vasta oli joulubazaari.... aika menee lujaa kun on kivaa... ja sita on ollut viimeiset kuukaudet! Taalla viela aherretaan, taysilla. Leipoen, iloiten. Odottaen huomista. Vahan kivaa! Kaikki ketka on paaseet nakemaan edes pikkuriikkisen tata odotettua tapahtumaa, tietaa, tuntee, kokee miten huippua taa on :) Joo, nyt ma taas hehkutan, mut oikeesti naa bazaarit ovat eraita kohokohtia kevaalla seka loppu syksylla. Jospa joskus te KAIKKI paasisitte olemaan osallisena, joko tekijana tai vieraana :) Sydamellisesti tervetuloa! Ma lahen nyt pyorittamaan vehnasampyloita...

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